Monday, October 3, 2016

You Tube is Life : Carl Ivan Calayag

The first thing that comes in my mind when I think of "vloggers" is they are following their passion. Unlike some people who do their job just for money, these people, who always have their camera-containing devices handy, perform their work not just for money and popularity but also for their passion. Further, many of the vloggers are contributing to society, too. Some of them entertain us through pranks, while others provide us local news. All in all, I appreciate the work young people are doing.


I have a hypothesis for this that I cannot prove, or disprove.

I think people just like getting into the lives of others, like getting really deep into the lives of others, as that gives them a feeling that they have some form of a bond with someone who’s usually famous (desired).


Carl Ivan Villafuerte Calayag at a very young age, he started doing videos for fun, his excellent editing skills gave him hundred of thousand views on most of his videos mostly short film, parodies and dance challenges.

Here's the link to his channel : CarlIvanCalayagTV

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He is just on his senior high school but he already established a career since he is part of a local multi channel network of ABS-CBN.

When I asked him how he “I created videos on youtube to make people happy , I make shortfalls, parodies, vloggs, covers an comedy videos and I have no idea that making video will become my career. It is very fun to make videos with my friends because this is our past time .Im a partner now with ABS CBN multi channel network (Chicken Pork Adobo) and our videos are also being featured on ABS CBN’s show and I want people to be happy to forget about the country’s stressful issues.”
came up with the idea of doing parodies that went viral online is answered humbly :

PPAP is his latest video that went viral. But his Train to Busan  parody is the most popular it reached more than 882,725 views as of this writing. 

What could be for the future of YouTube/media since more and more people started vlogging?

Finest Clubbers, in my personal option “the more the merrier”, more youtube content creator means that more option for all the viewers.

Special Thanks to Carl Ivan Calayag for allowing me to do this article . More power!

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